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Finding a trusted advisor is one of the most important elements of planning your retirement. Providing you with a fiduciary level of service means we are legally bound to always do the right thing for you and your family by only offering solutions that serve your best interest. Our commitment to you as a fiduciary is also an assurance to act with transparency throughout our relationship. 


Our commitment to transparency ensures that each step of our work together is recorded and that every document and report are easily accessible to you. Not only does this allow us to track the evolution of your plan and make any necessary adjustments to it along the way, but you can always see we are acting in your best interest. Our commitment to transparency is visible through a strong foundation of technology. 


We think the challenges you face in retirement today are more complex than those faced by any other generation, but the right technology can make managing and organizing your retirement an easier process. 

Our office utilizes Generational Vault®, which is an online portal accessible through our website. It contains the necessary tools to help make decisions appropriate for you and your retirement. It also serves as the vehicle to document and record our commitment to act as a fiduciary and be transparent throughout our relationship.


Nexus Financial is an independent financial advisory firm dedicated to providing investment management and strategic wealth planning. Our approach to create long-term financial success is based on the foundation of a solid client-advisor relationship, forward-thinking planning and ongoing advocacy. 

Our mission is to provide financial peace of mind through creative planning and personal relationships built on trust and integrity. 

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