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Small Businesses mainly need to focus on business. This doesn't leave a lot of time for thinking about the retirement plan, how to retain key employees for the continued success of your company, or navigating the complicated waters of the new health care laws. It's nice to sit down with someone with the skill set to put it all in perspective and aline the right resources to make sure your business can be the best it can be.

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In planning for the future of your loved one, you bear a great responsibility and take pride in doing the best thing for them. However, you may need to turn to other experts for advice on special needs planning. This requires an in depth knowledge of federal laws as they pertain to government eligibility and legal documents such as special needs trusts and guardianships. It is more than just planning for lifetime care, but the quality of life.

Small Business Planning

It doesn't matter if you just started your family, or if college is around the corner next year. There are a few key questions that need to be answered. What are the best methods for stashing away money for college? What makes the most since from a tax stand point? Accessibility if my child doesn't go to college? Who can contribute? These are just some of the many questions that we can help answer on developing the best strategy for your goals.

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Special Needs Planning

It is hard to emphasize enough the importance of saving for retirement. You should be excited about the thought of retirement, not worried because you don't know how you will survive. Retirement should be a time to do absolutely nothing, or do everything you've always wanted to do. IF you have not started saving, it's never too late to start. Tell us when  and how you want to retire, and we can put you on the path to get there. IF you have been saving, we would be more than happy to assess your progress. You will either hear a "good job" from us, or a recommendation on how to make your goal attainable.

Retirement PLanning

Life Insurance

Proper management of risk is an essential element in your financial portfolio. We know that risk is not nearly as fun to talk about as reward, but it is unavoidable so it must be addressed. You are probably thinking about market risk, and yes there are investments to eliminate market risk. So, what is unavoidable? Well, the risk we are talking about is not of losing money in the market.... it is the risk of losing YOU. Our customized approach to life insurance is focused on providing your family financial stability for all that life may bring. Our life insurance recommendations are structured to serve not only as asset protection, but long term investment alternatives, as well as legacy builders.

Disability Insurance

If we were to ask you what you think your most valuable asset is, what would you say? Your house, car, boat? All logical answers, but the correct answer is your ability to earn income. That being said, to not include disability income insurance as part of our discussion, would be doing you a disservice. We can show you how to protect your income in the event you become sick or injured.

Long-Term Care Insurance

One main guideline we follow, is to be proactive instead of reactive. If long term care insurance is not factored into your plan, you could see a rapid decrease in your savings in the event long term care is needed. This may not be a priority right now, depending on what stage in life you're in, but at some point it will be a potential risk too costly to overlook. This financial and/or lifestyle burden left on your spouse or children if they have to provide for your care, can be overwhelming. We have options to prevent this from happening.

Risk management

College planning

Social security is a big concern for many Americans in these uncertain economic times. The idea of paying into something for a lifetime, to potentially not receive anything back is scary. Good news is, we are not at that point yet, and hopefully never will be. However, it is still a fairly complicated matter, and electing your benefits are not as straight forward as you may think. You may have contacted a social security representative to get your benefit payment amount, that's great if you have been that proactive. Unfortunately, that representative is only authorized to tell you your benefit amount. They do not mention any strategies to maximize your lifetime benefits. If you were not aware there were strategies to maximize social security, don't feel bad as you are not alone. This issue has driven us here at Nexus Financial, to make social security an integral part of our process. So much so, that we have created a complementary seminar dedicated just to this very topic. The seminars are held monthly, and we would love to have you attend. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Social Security maximization

Our approach to investing is based on your objectives and your tolerance for risk. You could spend  a lot of time filling your mind with countless articles, blogs, tv, and radio shows about the latest and greatest investments. The question is, what does it all  mean for you? How is the ever changing economic environment going to affect your investments? How do you sift through the nonsense, and create a customized strategy designed to achieve your goals? This process can seem very intimidating, and leave you feeling unconfident about your investment decisions. Through tailor made portfolios, forward thinking management, and dependable service, our goal is to alleviate you of this uncertainty and stress.

As an independent financial advisory firm, we have a fiduciary responsibility to always act in our client's best interest. This means putting the client first at all costs. Our firm has no proprietary products, so there is no bias as to how a strategy is implemented. Every recommendation is carefully analyzed and compared with alternative solutions, to ensure we have come up with the best fit for you. Once a strategy is in place, our service does not stop there. We make it a point to schedule periodic reviews to make adjustments if necessary, and answer any questions that you may have. There will be full disclosure up front about how we receive compensation. We want you to know this, to make it clear that our intentions are to help you, not just our pockets.

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